Advanced Quick Panel Support

Launched in 2015 the Advanced Quick Panel System is a complete, wired, and assembled instrument panel that is designed to save time, simplify aircraft wiring, and remove frustrations.

Quick Panel Manual

Updated Guide Name Description Action
09/05/2018 Advanced Quick Panel Installation Manual V5.2 DOWNLOAD

Drawings and Diagrams

Ensure that "Fit to page" is not checked or "Actual" size is checked when printing. After printing verify with hatch marks on the edge of page with a inch scale. If you are having trouble with alignment or scale save the document to your device and re-open in Adobe Reader.

Description PDF
Display's Outermost Actual Size (Fits 11"x17 Ledger) DOWNLOAD
Display's Outermost Actual Size (Fits 8.5"x11 Letter) DOWNLOAD
Flap and Trim Connections DOWNLOAD

Wiring and RV-14 Documents

Description PDF
57475 ACM AP Servo Harness DOWNLOAD
57840 Aircraft Front Harness DOWNLOAD
57850 Aircraft Rear Harness DOWNLOAD
57860 Control Stick Harness DOWNLOAD
57870 Aircraft Flap and Trim Harness DOWNLOAD
70050R2 ACM Aircraft Wiring DOWNLOAD
71320 R3 SV EMS Wiring Diagram DOWNLOAD

RV-14 Documents
Description PDF
57476 RV-14 Autopilot Servo Wiring DOWNLOAD
53914 RV-14 SV EMS Wiring Diagram DOWNLOAD
57841 RV-14 Front Harness DOWNLOAD
57842 RV-14 Front Wiring DOWNLOAD
57843 RV-14 Canopy Harness DOWNLOAD
57851 RV-14 Rear Trim Harness DOWNLOAD
57852 RV-14 Airframe Harness DOWNLOAD
57853 RV-14 SV-Network Wiring DOWNLOAD
57860 RV-14 Control Stick Harness DOWNLOAD