EFIS-D6 Firmware Revision Log

Version Date Released Changes
1.1.4 8/2/16

Improved: The airspeed indicator now updates more smoothly at lower airspeeds.

Improved: Factory default settings provide a better out-of-the-box experience for new users.

1.1.3 8/4/15

Fixed: Magnetic heading calibration no longer sensitive to flight attitudes that are signifigantly different than those experienced in level flight. This primarily resulted in less than optimal calibrations in some taildragger aircraft. Performance will not change until a heading calibration is performed after an upgrade to 1.1.3.

1.1.2 12/15/11

Fixed: SETUP>SPDCAL feature for improving IAS accuracy at very low airspeeds.

1.1.1 7/1/10

Support Program Only: Improvements to support firmware upgrades in OEM installations such as Vans Aircraft that use locked settings files to distribute settings during firmware updates. All other customers unaffected. There has been NO CHANGE to the underlying firmware files from 1.1.

1.1.0 12/01/09

Fixed: IMPROVED HEADING ACCURACY Some EFIS-D6 owners have experienced heading shaking and accuracy issues, due to the degree of magnetometer calibration needed. Version 1.1 fixes this, and improves accuracy and eliminates heading shake in all installations.

Please note, the installer may need to recalibrate the remote compass after upgrade.