Advanced Pilot Interfaces

All AF-5000 EFIS displays utilize a high quality sunlight readable high resolution Touch Screen LCD screen. The AF-5800, AF-5600 and AF-5500 each have 18 buttons, three knobs and a joystick for a superior pilot interface. All displays include five RS-232 serial ports, two USB ports, SD card, Ethernet and the Advanced-SV Network connection. All AF-5000 displays now use the same modules and components as SkyView for the most affordable AFS systems ever.

10.4" AF-5600 DISPLAY

The 4:3 aspect ratio touchscreen display display gives you a wide and tall picture that affords exceptional situational awareness. Additional buttons and knobs along the right side of the display dynamically reconfigure to the task at hand, freeing you up from hunting for features deep in menus.


12.1" AF-5700 DISPLAY

The new AF-5700 touchscreen display - featuring a new ADVANCED Touch interface - is the smallest form factor 12" EFIS available. The display combines the largest-in-class 12.1" screen with a minimized installation footprint. With its new ADVANCED Touch interface, the AF-5700 gives pilots the opportunity to install a large screen EFIS in an instrument panel that previously could not support one.


12.1" AF-5800 DISPLAY

A large, 12.1" touchscreen display with the same full complement of knobs, buttons, and joysticks as the 10" AF-5600. It won't fit in every aircraft, but if your panel supports it, the AF-5800 is an expansive window of situational awareness.


8.4" AF-5500 DISPLAY

The same AF-5000 series features in a smaller package. The AF-5500 touchscreen display features a clear and easy to read airspeed indication with user adjustable color ranges. The altimeter is set using a familiar and convenient adjustment knob. Other flight instruments functions include a slip ball and user-configurable g-meter.


8.4" AF-5400 DISPLAY

The AF-5400 is designed to be a drop-in replacement for existing AF-3500/4500 customers. No need to cut a new panel. It has the same AF-5000 series features as the rest of the line, including a high-resolution touchscreen, interactive Check-Lists, Radio Tuning, Remote Audio Panel, Sectionals, IFR Charts, Remote Mode-S Transponder, Video Input, and more.


Advanced Features and Components

Our engineers have spent thousands of hours of actual flight time in VFR and IFR conditions to develop a superior pilot interface and features.


Any of the AFS screens can be configured as an EFIS , Engine Monitor or both if hardware modules are installed in the same screen. Connect an EFIS screen with an Engine Monitor screen using the Advanced Avionics Bus and you can display the EFIS, Engine Monitor, or both on either screen. You can even connect an EFIS/Engine Monitor screen with an EFIS screen giving you a system with multiple Attitude Heading Reference Systems (AHRS). The optional Angle-Of-Attack module can be added to the screen giving you our superior and proven AOA technology on the EFIS display.

Weights and Balance AF-5000 series display feature

Weight & Balance: Instantly calculate your CG and load with our Weight and Balance page.

Analog Instruments AF-5000 series display feature

Analog Instruments: Standard Analog 6-Pack Instrument display; including - analog HSI.

Airport and Airspace Information AF-5000 series display feature

Airport/Airspace Information: Complete airport information; including - runways, frequencies, METAR's, TAF's and pattern altitudes. Selectable airspace information; including - highlight current boundaries and display the vertical limits. Lets you easily select and display overlapping complicated airspaces, reducing pilot workload.

Approach plates, VFR Sectionals and IFR charts AF-5000 series display feature

Approach Plates, VFR Sectionals & IFR Charts: Geo-Referenced Approach Plates, Sectionals and IFR Low Charts display your aircraft's current location, as well as traffic. Updated every 28 days, display in full-screen or split-screen mode.

Emergency Glide AF-5000 series display feature

EMERGENCY Glide: Calculates and displays airports that are within your aircraft's engine-out glide range.

GPS and ILS AF-5000 series display feature

GPS and ILS Display: CDI and VDI displayed from external GPS navigator or Nav radio.

Aircraft Maintenance Logs AF-5000 series display feature

Aircraft Maintenance Logs: Keeps track and alerts you when it's time for Oil Changes, Annual Inspections, ELT Batteries, Filters, Brakes or any other user configurable item.

Flight Planning AF-5000 series display feature

Flight Planning: Loads multi-leg flight plan from an external GPS navigator or allows user input from EFIS Screen.

Channel selection and volume control all conveniently accessible from and screen in the aircraft.

XM Radio: Channel selection and volume control all conveniently accessible from and screen in the aircraft.

Weather/Traffic is optional, and requires a XM receiver module or Navworx ADS-B Receiver.

Weather and Traffic: Our ADVANCED Weather/Traffic is optional, and requires a XM receiver module or Navworx ADS-B Receiver. Enables a live NEXRAD, METAR, TFR, Wind aloft, and Traffic.

Draw a image to the specifications outlined in the manual to have your own aircraft or image displayed on your maps and charts.

Custom Map Airplane: Draw a image to the specifications outlined in the manual to have your own aircraft or image displayed on your maps and charts.

Flight Planning AF-5000 series display feature

Geo-Referenced Data: Geo-Referenced will display your aircraft's location as well as the location of surrounding traffic on all maps, charts, and airport diagrams.

Engine Monitoring Features

  • Fuel Gauges: Support for up to four fuel tanks, all with low-level voice alerts.
  • Fuel Computer: Full-feature fuel computer includes Gallons used, Gallons remaining, MPG and Gallons remaining at waypoint.
  • Flap & Trim Positions: Directly reads most popular trim motors.
  • Active Checklists: Multiple user configurable checklists.
  • Voice Alerts: The system will warn you if any instrument enters the warning range. Other systems use low tech beeps as warnings.
  • Dual Bus Support: Displays Dual Voltage and Dual Alternator outputs.
  • Flight Timers: Count-Up and Count-Down timers.
  • Data Logging: Easily transfer over 50 hours of stored data to your PC using the convenient SD data card.
  • Tach and Hobbs: Records both Tach and Hobbs times.
  • Turbine Engine Support: Custom engine display for turbine engines.
  • EGT and CHT Display: Displays all six CHT and EGT temperatures at the same time.
  • Lean Mode: Detects and displays each cylinder as it peaks for LOP or ROP operation. Displays the degrees from peak along with current rich or lean status.

Other Features

  • Landing Gear Warning: The Pilot will be prompted to check landing gear if the gear is down at a set high airspeed, or up at a set low airspeed. Amphibious aircraft are prompted to select "Runway" or "Water" and are then given audible wordings depending on the position of the landing gear.
  • Voice Alerts: All of our systems have a full-featured voice alert system. Lose oil pressure, for instance, and you will immediately hear “Check Oil Pressure.”
  • Digital Inputs: Can be used for door warnings, landing gear, or any number of user configurable switches.
  • Touch Screen: The AF-5000 Touch Screen option adds flexibility, capability, and a more intuitive user experience while retaining the full functionality of physical buttons, knobs, and a joystick. Fly into weather with the confidence of redundancy.
  • EFIS HSI Truly WAAS Compatible: Our display integrates aircraft heading with GPS, VOR, Localizer and Glide Slope information. Garmin’s new WAAS enabled 430 has substantially different software from non-WAAS 430 units. AFS has performed numerous actual ILS and LPV approaches to verify that our 430W interface truly works, including the ability to send OBS Course and heading data from the EFIS back to the 430W.
  • Remote Radio Tuning: Tune your SL30 or AFS Comm Radio Remotely from any EFIS Screen.
  • Vertical Power VP-X Integration: The AF-5000 series systems are capable of interfacing to the VP-X electronic circuit breaker power system. Electrical Systems can be accessed and control through the VP-X page.


Autopilot Control Panels

SkyView Autopilot Controls with individual buttons for different modes Individual buttons for all autopilot modes let you use your SkyView menus exclusively for other features like navigation and flight planning. Built-in 2-axis speed-sensitive trim controller.

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SkyView's dedicated COM radio interface for communicating with the Tower and ground frequencies

SkyView's revolutionary COM radio interface will change the way you fly with dedicated buttons for tuning Tower/CTAF, ATIS/WX, ATC, and Ground frequencies.

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Knob Control Panels

Dedicated knobs for the bugs you use most with SkyView

Dedicated controls for your barometric altimeter setting and the two bugs you use the most.

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Two-Place Stereo Intercom

Dynon's two-place stereo intercom for SkyView

Stereo, two-place intercom with audio connectivity for SkyView alerts and music that is usually only found in full-size audio panels.

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ADAHRS-Primary & Secondary

SkyViews Primary and secondary flight instruments Provides primary flight instruments, including attitude, airspeed, altitude, magnetic heading, DG, VSI, AOA, G-meter, turn rate, slip/skid ball, OAT, and TAS. Add a secondary ADAHRS for redundancy and SkyView and AFS EFIS systems automatically cross-check your instruments for you. For aircraft where the desired ADAHRS placement would result in interference due to proximity to ferrous metal or power, an optional remote magnetometer is available.

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Engine Monitoring Modules

SkyView's Engine Monitoring System module

The EMS module receives signals from engine sensors for display on your EFIS. Order the SV-EMS-220 for most engines, SV-EMS-221 for the Rotax 912 iS only. Engine sensor/harness packages for Lycoming/Continental/Jabiru/Rotax engines sold separately. Sensors/harnesses available a-la-carte for other engines. Two modules can be used to monitor dual engines or to provide up to 28 EGT&CHT inputs for large engines (SkyView only).

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Mode-S Transponders with ADS-B Out

Dynon's ADS-B Out for 2020 mandate compliance

Lightweight TSO'd Mode-S Transponder with TIS traffic reception (US only) and 1090ES ADS-B Out. US customers should choose the SV-XPNDR-261 for 2020 ADS-B mandate compliance (requires SV-GPS-2020 or other suitable position source).

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Dual Band ADS-B Traffic/Weather Receiver

Get Full ADS-B based weather and radar traffic

The new dual band SV-ADSB-472 receives ADS-B traffic via 978 MHz (UAT) and 1090 MHz. In the US, it also receives free text and graphical weather from the FAA's network of ADS-B ground stations. Unlike portable ADS-B receivers, you get FULL ADS-B and radar traffic when you pair this with our Mode-S transponder.

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Autopilot Servos

Add servos to your system to add a fully IFR-capable autopilot. Just add servos to your system to add a fully IFR-capable autopilot. Mounting kits are available for various aircraft.

The optional SV-AP-PANEL adds dedicated autopilot controls. It also features a digital, dual-axis trim controller with proportional speed control and autopilot auto-trim.

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AOA / Pitot Probes

AOA provides progressive audible approach-to-stall alert.

The rest of GA is starting to see the value of AOA as a major safety-enhancing device. Meanwhile, it's been available for all Dynon and AFS EFIS systems for over a decade. Provides progressive audible approach-to-stall alert.

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Back Up Batteries

Provide backup  to a single AF-5000 or two screen system.

An AF-BAT-3AH is designed to backup a single AF-5000 series screen. The AF-BAT-6AH will backup two screens. They each provide an hour of backup power for their supported configuration.

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GPS Receiver Module

Get Full ADS-B based weather and radar traffic

WAAS-enabled, high-sensitivity GPS receiver/antenna. Provides multiple updates per second for superior mapping and synthetic vision. Weatherproof for external mounting.

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interface module for third-party certified IFR navigators Use this interface module for third-party certified IFR navigators like the Avidyne IFD440/540

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Wi-Fi Adapter

Connect SkyView to your mobile devices via the Wi-Fi Adapter, and use apps to flight plan from home and transfer once at the aircraft. Compatible with Seattle Avionics FlyQ,  ForeFlight Mobile, PocketFMS EasyVFR, SkyDemon, Ozrunways, and FltPlan Go.

Connect SkyView to your mobile devices via the Wi-Fi Adapter, and use apps to flight plan from home and transfer once at the aircraft. Compatible with Seattle Avionics FlyQ, ForeFlight Mobile, PocketFMS EasyVFR, SkyDemon, Ozrunways, and FltPlan Go. One is required for each SkyView display installed in an aircraft, maintaining system redundancy. Only one per aircraft is used on AF-5000 series systems.

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Harnesses/Network Cables

Prefabricated cables interconnect SkyView Network components

Prefabricated cables interconnect SkyView Network components to make sure your installation goes as smoothly as possible. These connect displays, ADAHRS, EMS, ARINC, COM radio, and Knob & AP control panels. Displays also have their own color-coded harnesses available, as do EMS sensor kits.

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GPS Navigation Mapping

GPS Navigation moving maps for SkyView systems

Now included with every display. Pricing SkyView and SkyView Touch systems are now $500 less than previous configurations. US aviation data available at no additional charge; non-US aviation data starting at $119/year from PocketFMS and Jeppesen.

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5-Port Network Hub

Join up to 5 SkyView Network Cables together

Join up to 5 SkyView Network Cables together, eliminating complicated splicing, with the SkyView Network Hub.

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Builder Support Products

Builder Support Products for avionics to help pilots get from hangar to flight as quickly as possible.

Dynon now manufactures a range of Builder Support Products to help pilots get from "first dream to first flight" as quickly as possible. Examples include an Autopilot Level Button, Dual ADAHRS Mounting Kit, AOA/Pitot/Static Installation Kit, Panel Module Faceplate Blank, ADS-B Harness, Transponder Harness, and Transponder and ADS-B Antennas.

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EFIS Controlled Remote Audio Panel

A full audio panel withouut using valuable panel space.

A full audio panel without using valuable panel space. Now featuring IntelliAudio® True Dimensional Sound to hear multiple radios simultaneously, spatially separated in your headset. Also includes Enhanced Bluetooth® with music streaming capability. Other features include legendary 4-place hi-fi stereo IntelliVox® intercom with Soft Mute, two stereo music inputs, split mode, and multiple other inputs. Manufactured by PS Engineering for AFS.

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Video Input Adapter

Display video from any s-video or composite source. Display video from any s-video or composite source. Contact Dynon about SkyView display compatibility before purchase.

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Tiller Arm/Bow Kit

The tiller arm/bow facilitates servo connection to the Van's-provided bridle cables that clamp to the existing rudder cables.

The tiller arm/bow facilitates servo connection to the Van's-provided bridle cables that clamp to the existing rudder cables.

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AF-5000 Series Possibilities

You'd be surprised what you can fit in your aircraft when you choose the AF-5000 Series. The widescreen format was designed to integrate perfectly in aircraft panels, which are often height-limited. Our bezels were intentionally made as narrow as possible so that even the tightest panels have room for two or even three displays. The RV-8 panels on this page are examples of what you can accomplish in narrow tandem seat aircraft.

Light and Sporty

Light and Sporty

Looking for a simple, clean VFR panel for your sport aircraft? A single AF-5600 Display can do everything you need, with all controls easily accessible on the front panel. The menu system is intuitive and logical to use. The knobs and buttons make it fast and easy to make adjustments and navigate the map.

A simple VFR aircraft can be fully-equipped, including ADS-B Out capability with just one AF-5000 series display, a COM and Intercom in the panel. Other modules are mounted remotely.
Add dedicated knob and/or autopilot control panels offer direct control of frequently used AF-5000 features.

Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior

Just because you're in a sporty tandem aircraft doesn't mean you can't also have the capability to fly through weather. A configuration like this, with dual displays, redundant ADAHRS, battery backup, and an IFR navigator equips you for legal, safe IFR flight.

AF-5000 displays and modules were designed with narrow bezels that hug the display. This lets us offer form factors that make equipping even the tightest panels possible.

Cross-Country Cruiser

Cross-Country Cruiser

Want a cross-country panel with more features for long distance travel? A second display makes navigating easier and is also a great backup. Add a control panel with dedicated knobs for Altitude, Barometer, and Heading/Track so they are always there for quick adjustments. The autopilot control panel adds immediate control of all autopilot modes.

The Airliner

The Airliner

We admit, it's a lot of panel. But it's possible and extremely capable. The AF-5000 series architecture supports configurations that span from a single display all the way up through what is shown here. In fact, the Sportsman that several Dynon pilots co-own has this same three-screen configuration. Please ask one of us about it!

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