Dynon Technical Advisory: SkyView Audio

Date: March 1, 2012


Audio was designed into the hardware of SkyView displays since the introduction of SkyView. Audio in SkyView was made fully functional in March, 2012 in firmware v3.3. Dynon identified an issue in the audio circuitry of some SkyView displays that causes irregular "popping" or "clicking".

Units NOT Affected:
SV-D700 units S/N 1624 and higher will not experience this issue.
SV-D1000 units S/N 1567 and higher will not experience this issue.
All units that have a small sticker on the side of the unit reading: "QC 341"

Units Possibly Affected:
SV-D700 - S/N 1287 to 1623*
SV-D1000 - S/N 1135 to 1566*

*EXCEPT those that have a small sticker on the side of the unit reading: "QC 341"  This sticker indicates that this unit has already been updated by Dynon to correct this issue.

*Note that not all units in this serial number range, and without a QC sticker, will have the issue.

Troubleshooting Information

Before requesting service, connect the audio output of SkyView display to the intercom or audio panel, install SkyView firmware version 3.3 (or higher), verify audio is nominally working and then listen to determine if there are "pops" or "clicks" present. Note that you cannot hear the noise when the SkyView unit is off. If you hear noise when the SkyView display is off, you need to address that separately.

Repair Process:

Contact Dynon Avionics Technical Support (425-402-0433, support@dynonavionics.com) to receive a Return Material Authorization (RMA). Do not return affected units to Dynon Avionics without first obtaining an RMA.

For faster service, at its option, Dynon Avionics may instruct customers to ship their unit to a specific Dynon dealer or Dynon-authorized repair facility that is more local to them.