EMS-D10 and EMS-D120 Service Bulletin

Date: March 22, 2006

Products Affected

This bulletin affects EMS-D10 and EMS-D120 units that use oil temperature sensor part number 100409-001 (“type 1” sensor in the EMS sensor setup). This sensor is sold with Dynon Avionics' Lycoming / Continental engine sensor packages. This bulletin does not apply to your EMS if:

  • Your EMS was shipped on or after March 21, 2006.
  • Your EMS does not utilize the above oil temperature sensor.
  • Your EMS-D10 firmware version number is greater than 01.02.00.
  • Your EMS-D120 firmware version number is greater than 01.01.00.


To enable customers to use sensors without having to calibrate them in the field, Dynon Avionics characterizes each type of engine sensor that it provides and pre-loads that characterization into the EMS firmware. The characterization for this particular oil temperature sensor was found to be incorrect in the EMS-D10 and EMS-D120 firmware. At normal engine operating temperatures, this problem results in oil temperatures that are display up to 20°F higher than they actually are.

Action Required: Upload the latest firmware for your EMS model.

Instructions: Download the latest Dynon Product Support Program and install the latest firmware for your particular product:

Dynon Support Program Downloads Page