Technical Service Bulletin: SkyView Software 14.0

Original Bulletin: March 29, 2016 (superscedes previous bulletin)


Some Dynon Avionics pilots have experienced unresponsive SkyView displays in flight after their system has been upgraded to version

This software issue only affects earlier SkyView displays. Even though only certain hardware is affected, this is fundamentally a software issue. This issue has been driven to root cause, and a fix is available via a software update to version 14.1 or later. In other words, displays identified in the “Applicability and Affected Equipment” section below are not inherently defective from a hardware perspective. They do, however, need a software update.

Applicability and Affected Equipment

Only the following SkyView displays are affected:

  1. SV-D1000 displays with a serial numbers lower than 6000.
  2. SV-D700 displays with serial numbers lower than 4000.
  3. In addition to the above, the display MUST be running SkyView version 14.0.0 through 14.0.5 to be affected by this issue. (Subsequent public test versions - 14.0.6 and 14.0.7, have the same fix to this issue that 14.1 does. However, 14.1 also incorporates additional fixes and improvements).

  4. Serial number can be identified by going to SETUP MENU > LOCAL DISPLAY SETUP > DISPLAY HARDWARE INFORMATION. Customers can also identify whether their display is affected by checking the HARDWARE VERSION” in this menu. If “HARDWARE VERSION : 1”, your display may be affected by this issue. This status check corresponds to the serial number range above.

Unaffected Equipment

The following equipment is NOT affected by this service bulletin, regardless of software version installed:

  1. SV-D1000 displays serial number is 6000 and higher.
  2. SV-D700 displays serial number 4000 and higher.
  3. SkyView Touch displays.

If you have an unaffected display, Dynon still recommends updating from 14.0.x to 14.1 due to the other improvements in the software.

Interim Operating Recommendations

Until you are able to upgrade to software version 14.1 or later, it is up to the pilot to determine how this vulnerability affects the way the way they fly.

Dynon recommends that affected systems not be flown in IMC if the unavailability of SkyView would jeopardize safety of flight. This would be particularly true for customers who have redundant SkyView systems that do not have independent backup - such as an EFIS-D10A or EFIS-D6 - in the aircraft.

If a SkyView display becomes unresponsive in flight, it can be restarted by pressing buttons 1,2, and 5 simultaneously. Note that you may have to restart all displays in the aircraft for the system to become operable again.

Solution / Method of Compliance

This issue is resolved in SkyView software version 14.1 or later.

Customers affected by this issue should upgrade to SkyView software version 14.1 or later.

Dynon recommends that all customers that are currently running any 14.0 version of software - not just those affected by this bulletin - should upgrade to 14.1.

Time in Effect

This technical service bulletin is in effect indefinitely or until superseded by a future bulletin..

Notice to Special Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSA) and Other Non-experimental Customers

You are solely responsible for ensuring that your aircraft is airworthy. In the case of S-LSA aircraft, owners may need special authorization to service the aircraft if such operations are not permitted in the maintenance manual. Please refer to your aircraft maintenance manual or contact your aircraft manufacturer concerning changing the software on your SkyView system.

Additional Questions?

Contact Dynon Avionics Technical Support via phone (425-402-0433) or email