Our passions are yours. With a team largely made up of pilots, it's not surprising that Dynon products resonate with builders and pilots of small aircraft. Here are some of the people that design, build, and support the avionics in your aircraft when you choose Dynon.


A serial entrepreneur, John founded Dynon after selling his previous startup to Cypress Semiconductor. Almost 2 decades later, his passion project is now the leader in light aircraft avionics. A lifelong pilot, John’s Vashon Ranger, Cessna 180, and Beaver are all floatplanes.


Rob is the 2017 EAA Homebuilder Hall of Fame Inductee. As an electrical engineer with software expertise, Rob began building his own engine monitor during construction of his RV-4. Other local builders expressed interest and Advanced Flight Systems (now a Dynon company) was born. Rob’s current RV-10 has a three-display AF-5000 AdvancedPanel that showcases the latest complete avionics solutions offered by Dynon.


Robert’s introduction to aviation was decidedly low tech: he learned to fly as a teenager in the family J-3 Cub. Since joining Dynon, though, Robert’s experiences have been at the far other end of the spectrum: he owned a Diamond DA-40 until team-building a SkyView-equipped Glasair Sportsman. He recently earned his seaplane rating, combining his love of water and sky.


First flying in his family’s 172, Mike has been a pilot and has written avionics software for over 20 years. As a lead software developer at Dynon for over a decade, he loves flying behind the products he helps create. He even surprised his then-girlfriend by having her load up a SkyView flight plan in flight with a marriage proposal hidden inside. (Spoiler, she said yes).


Now an outside advisor to Dynon, Ian led the team that built the Glassair Sportsman that a handful of Dynonian’s own and fly. When he’s not working on airplanes, you’re likely to find him in his garage, adding more power or lightness to his cars.


A lifelong flying fanatic, Mike joined Dynon after reading an early magazine profile of the company which highlighted how much more affordable the EFIS-D10A was than any competition. Mike currently flies a SkyView-equipped Glasair Sportsman that he built with other Dynonians.


David’s plans-built Sonex won an award for Outstanding Workmanship in a Plans Built Aircraft at Oshkosh 2012. After flying his Sonex all over the country, David is now about halfway done building an RV-7. He’s a past president of EAA chapter 84.


Tyler has been involved in aviation his entire life. His first job was pumping gas at KTIW. After work you'll most likely find Tyler experimenting with electronics, radios, or some kind of musical instrument. Tyler also flies his 172 around the Pacific Northwest as often as he can.


Although Jeff previously did marketing for helicopter tour companies, joining Dynon was the catalyst that let him take to the sky himself as a student pilot. Flying to Oshkosh in Dynon-equipped exhibition planes has been a highlight of his aviation adventures so far, allowing him to gain long distance cross-country experience as he works towards his private.


Little did Don know when he selected Dynon SkyView for his RV9A build, that a short 5 years and one 1700 mile cross country move later, he would be working for Dynon. After a 25 year career as a small business owner, he is excited to bring his passion for aviation to Dynon. Don is a Commercial Pilot and CFII.


Kyle has been around general aviation since before he could walk, riding in the co-pilot's seat and serving as the auto-pilot for his dad's Cessna 185 exploring his home state of Alaska, Canada, and the continental US. Kyle graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, where he also earned his own wings as a private pilot.


Josh has always had a passion for aviation and is a first generation pilot becoming the first in his family to earn his wings in 2019. Growing up in Florida meant endless days of great flying weather. He now enjoys flying the Dynon Club Plane around the PNW. When not flying, Josh might be found at the local curling club, or exploring the outdoors.