Primary Wiring Harness

For D6/D60/D10A/D100/D180 Series EFIS/FlightDEK

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For D10/D100 series EFIS units only; does not function with EMS-D10/D120

Dynon offers an optional wiring harness for its EFIS and FlightDEK instruments. This harness is aircraft grade quality and provides connections to the instrument primary power, remote compass, PC connection, transponder, DSAB and audio output.

SKU: 100425-000

Discontinued - More Info

Note: Not configured for GPS-251, which is required under EAA STC. See Simplified Primary Wiring Harness for EFIS D10/D100 Series (GPS-251 wiring, no DSAB, no 2nd RS-232), Part Number 102832-000

Additional Information

Additional Information

Each harness is configured with the following:
  • 18' remote compass leads
  • 6' RS-232 computer cable
  • 3' power/ground leads
  • 3' serial altitude encoder output leads
  • 1 pigtail for grounding the shielded wire
  • 3' lead for DSAB connection
  • 1 accessory bag with pin extractor tool and 9 pin connector for the remote compass



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