The Deal

D10/D100 Series to SkyView HDX or AF-6600 Trade-In/Rebate

When you trade-in your existing D10/D100 series products towards a Dynon SkyView HDX or AF-6600 series avionics system, you may take advantage of this limited time trade-up rebate offer:

Upgrade to a new SkyView or AFS system, and Dynon will rebate you up to $4500 for your legacy EFIS-D10A/D100/D6/D60, EMS-D10/D120, or FlightDEK-D180 products. There are some simple requirements - please read on for details.

To start, this program is limited to US and Canadian customers. We will be expanding this program to international customers through select dealer partners in the future.

The Process

First, purchase a SkyView or AFS System, either directly from Dynon, or from an authorized dealer, on or after 08/31/2023. It must include certain minimum components. See the full details of this offer below. Save your receipt(s).

To trade-in your D10/D100 series products, follow these instructions within 90 days of your SkyView HDX or AF-6600 purchase:

  1. Fill out the trade-in form on this page.
  2. After filling out the form, a Dynon representative will be in touch to issue you a return materials authorization (RMA). They will verify your eligibility and give you an RMA number.
  3. Send the following items to Dynon, The box should be clearly labeled with your RMA number:
    • The D10/D100 Series products removed from your airplane. You are responsible for packing, shipping and insuring your products. REMOVE ANY BACKUP BATTERIES FROM D180/D100/D10A/D60/D6 UNITS.
    • A copy of your SkyView HDX or AF-6600 purchase receipt that includes at least the required system components and the prices paid for the equipment.
  4. Upon receipt of your traded-in equipment, Dynon will send you a rebate check in US Dollars per the rebate schedule on this site.
Send your trade-ins to:
Dynon Avionics
Attn: SkyView Rebate, RMA [your RMA number]
19825 141st PL NE
Woodinville, WA, USA 98072

The Details

You must purchase your SkyView or AFS System on or after 08/31/2023 to be eligible for this rebate.

You must send your SkyView HDX or AF-6600 Proof of Purchase and your D10/D100 series equipment, clearly labeled with your RMA number, within 90 days of the SkyView HDX or AF-6600 system purchase date.

For US customers, the purchased SkyView HDX or AF-6600 system must contain at least:

Dynon will accept:
This offer applies only to new purchases of experimental Dynon SkyView HDX and Advanced AF-6600 based systems. Dynon Certified systems are not eligible for this program.

Only D10/D100 series instruments in undamaged and in good working order are eligible for trade-in.

This offer does not include minor accessories and consumables, like OAT probes, wiring, and batteries. The complete list of products eligible for trade-in, and their trade-in values, are shown below.

All batteries must be removed from Dynon EFIS and FlightDEK products. Do not return them to Dynon. Recycle them properly.

Dynon reserves the right to clarify, modify, or end this offer at any time. If you have any questions, please request a clarification before purchasing a SkyView HDX or AF-6600 System by emailing your proposed trade-in to or by calling 425-650-1269. We want to make this offer reasonable and fair.

Eligible Products and Rebate Amounts

Eligible Product Trade-in Value
FlightDEK-D180 $1,500
EFIS-D100 $1,200
EFIS-D10A $1,000
EFIS-D60 $900
EFIS-D6 $800
EMS-D120 $1,000
EMS-D10 $800