RV Builder Support from Dynon/Advanced

Offer Good thru April 15, 2024

RV kit deposit-holders that have continued their builds post-bankruptcy are eligible for a limited time rebate offer from Dynon and Advanced.

A Letter From Our President

The world of experimental aircraft builders is a small one. I’ve met many of you at Oshkosh and other shows over the years, and I know the commitment it takes to build and maintain your own airplane. When some of us have misfortune, it is felt by all of us. We’re in this together.

The difficulties that Vans has experienced over the last six months is known to us. We have seen the effects through decreased sales to RV builders, and know the pain firsthand from our own employees who are in the process of building RVs.

My message today is simple: We want to help.

Therefore, we are offering a special discount to those builders who are directly affected by the change in pricing on aircraft kits they had previously put deposits on.

If you are one of these customers and purchase certain Dynon and Advanced Flight Systems products between today, January 30, 2024, and the end of Sun ‘n Fun (April 15, 2024), we will rebate you 5% to help out. Because we know that some kit lead times may be longer than usual, we will also warrant these products for an additional year (4 years, instead of the usual 3).

We will need documentation from you showing proof that you are an affected customer.

I am sure there are ways to game this, but we are asking you not to do so, and work with us to fairly share the cost with those who are directly affected.

We are experimental builders and owners here at Dynon, and our goal has always been to help make it affordable for anyone and everyone who wants to fly. That is our mission, and has been for 24 years.

Robert Hamilton
President, Dynon

How To Qualify and Claim Your Rebate

Eligible Customers: This offer is open to customers that had pre-existing deposits on Van’s Aircraft RV kits that were subject to repricing during the recent bankruptcy proceedings, who have committed to continuing their build. Eligible customers must have signed and will need to submit their updated and executed RV sales agreement, and have purchased and taken delivery of avionics, to claim this rebate.

  1. Purchase and take delivery of any of the following Dynon products, either from Dynon, Advanced Flight Systems, or any authorized dealer, between Monday, January 29th, 2024 and Monday, April 15th, 2024.
    • SV-HDX1100 10” SkyView HDX Display
    • SV-HDX800 7” SkyView HDX Display
    • Advanced AF-6600 Display
    • SV-ADAHRS-200/201
    • SV-EMS-220/221
    • SV-MAG-236
    • SV-GPS-2020/250
    • SV-ARINC-429
    • SV-COM Transceivers
    • SV-XPNDR-261/262
    • SV-ADSB-472
    • SV32/SV42/SV52 Autopilot Servos
    • SV-BAT-320
    • Dynon AOA/Pitot Probes
  2. Fill out the rebate application form.
  3. Send in, using one of the two methods, a signed and executed copy of your updated sales agreement that reflects updated pricing for your RV kit(s).
    • Email to: rebate@dynon.com or
    • Mail to:
      Dynon Avionics
      Attn: RV Rebate
      19825 141st Pl NE
      Woodinville WA 98072
  4. Upon receipt of your claim and proof of purchase, Dynon will validate your materials and rebate you 5% of the cost of your eligible Dynon products via check.


Program Rules | Terms and Conditions

This offer is eligible for one set of avionics per affected customer.

This offer is valid for ADVANCEDPANEL products from Advanced Flight Systems, but only for the components above.

Only the products listed above are eligible for rebate. Generally, harnesses and smaller parts are excluded from this offer.

Dynon reserves the right to clarify, modify, or end this offer at any time. If you have any questions, please request a clarification before purchasing your products by emailing your questions to sales@dynon.com or by calling 425-650-1269. We want to make this offer reasonable and fair.

Products purchased via this program are warranted for 4 years, instead of the normal 3 years.

For purchases of avionics kits that contain eligible Dynon products along with other ineligible products, rebate amounts shall be 5% of the retail prices of the included eligible items listed above. Rebate value shall not exceed 5% of Dynon list prices for each eligible component. Other kit inclusions are not eligible for rebate. Customers must have taken delivery of the avionics kit before the rebate is issued.

Can not be combined with other offers.