Not sure which SkyView is best for you?

We have put together all the features, side by side, of each SkyView System to help you better choose which will be best for you.

SkyView HDX
Dynon's SkyView HDX glass panel avionics
SkyView Classic
Dynon's SkyView Classic glass panel avionics
SkyView SE
Dynon's SkyView SE Flight Insturments
Price Starting At...
(For Display Only)
$3190 (7” Display Only)
$4490 (10” Display Only)
$2395 (7” Display Only)
$2995 (10” Display Only)
$1495 (7” Display Only)
$2495 (10” Display Only)
Design and Interface
Latest HDX Design & Styling

Redesigned Knobs with Improved Movement and Feel

Angled Controls for Improved Hand Positioning

Anchor Rail Built into Bezel Sides

Backlit Controls

Touchscreen Display with Multitouch

Original SkyView Design
Original SkyView Joystick Knobs
Full Set of Buttons & Knob Controls
HD Touch Screen, High Resolution, Sunlight-Readable, Anti-Reflective Display

Touch Screen, High Resolution, Sunlight-Readable, Anti-Glare Display

High Resolution, Sunlight-Readable Anti-Glare Display (non-touch)
Primary Features
Primary Flight Instruments
Engine Monitoring
"Six-Pack" Flight Instruments
Simplified Mode Only
Mode S Transponder with ADS-B Out
2020 FAA Mandate ADS-B Out Compliance
Dynon COM Radio
Synthetic Vision
Mapping and Navigation
ADS-B In Traffic / Weather
Compatible SkyView Products
SkyView Backup Battery
SkyView Knob Panel (SV-KNOB-PANEL)
SkyView Remote Magnetometer (SV-MAG-236)
SkyView Autopilot Panel / Trim Controller (SV-AP-PANEL)
Trim Control & Autopilot Autotrim Only
SkyView ADS-B In Dual Band Receiver (SV-ADSB-472)
Wi-Fi Adapter
Video Input Adapter
External IFR Navigators
Additional Features
Rotax 912 iS
Screen Dimming
Auto or Ext Knob Only
One External NMEA Source
Autopilot Level Mode
Via Ext Button
Audible Alerts with Voice Callouts
Fuel Computer/Totalizer with Fuel Tank Gauge Crosscheck
Exportable User Data Logs
VP-X Integration
IFR HSI Features
Expert Autopilot Mode
Autopilot 180° Turn Mode
Support for Geo-Referenced Charts/Plates/Airport Diagrams on Map
Synthetic Vision Terrain Alerting
HITS (Highway-in-the-Sky)
Automated Maintenance Logging
Weight & Balance Calculator
Send/Receive Flight Plans to Apps via Wi-Fi
Stream ADS-B Traffic/Weather to Apps via Wi-Fi
Stream Flight Instruments and GPS to Apps via Wi-Fi
Engine Lean Assist Mode
3rd Party Traffic Devices
Dual Engine Support
Stopwatch & Countdown / Trip Timers
HSI Bearing Pointers
NAV Radio Display
Non-English Language Packs
Aircraft Glide Ring on Map
Autopilot Go-Around Mode (when on Approach)