AF-3000 Series Map Files (Non 's' CPU) Series Data

The following United States and Territories data is released on the FAA standard 28 day AIRAC cycle. This is the most comprehensive data available for the US, including current airports, airspaces, and obstacles. The best part is it's free!

Aviation/Obstacles Database

Aviation/Obstacles Database
AF-3000 Series require 3 map files (AFSMAP**.AFM, AFSTER**.AFM, AFSVEC**.AFM). You will need the full download if you are missing AFSTER**.AFM or AFSVEC**.AFM.

Version Full Download Map Only Valid Dates
Version 15 DOWNLOAD
Map Data Files (Map, Terrain, Vectors) Non 's' CPU, MV15
Map Data Update Non 's' CPU, MV15
December 7th, 2017 - January 5th, 2018

Geo-Referenced Charts and Airport Diagrams

Charts and Airport Diagrams
For US customers, chart data is available by subscription. Unlike other databases that are stored in display’s internal drive, charts, because of their large size, must be stored on a SD Card that remains inserted into the display during use.