SkyView Introduction

Experimental and LSA pilots know that they have the most innovative GA aircraft flying.  SkyView continues that tradition with the next generation of glass panels, offering redundant networks and systems, incredibly bright screens, design flexibility, and future upgradability unsurpassed by anything else flying.

Recent Feature Additions
A summary of recently introduced SkyView Features here.

SkyView Videos: Click here to see the SkyView System in flight, plus peruse a series of training videos that explain many of the SkyView advanced features.

SkyView System Overview

Advanced Screens:  Very bright, high-resolution screens driven by advanced graphic processors create highly visible and readable displays.  Screen resolutions are 1024x600 for the SV-D1000 10” and 800x480 for the SV-D700 7”.  Brightness is over 1350 nits for the 10” display and 1200 nits for the 7” display, making them fully sunlight readable. Displays are truly dimmable for night flight. A wiring harness included with each display makes for easy connections to power, serial devices, and more.

Integrated User Interface:  Two multi-position joysticks (left, right, up, down, diagonal, push, and rotation) offer easy and intuitive control of your SkyView displays.  EFIS, EMS, Autopilot, Moving Map,  Transponder, COM Radio, 3D Terrain/Synthetic Vision, ADS-B Traffic and Weather.  All menu structures are all available in just a few button presses.
See Interface Video 

Flexible User Interface:  The default screen setups are logical and functional, so you can start flying with a minimum of setup time.  But as you determine your preferences and screen layouts, the displayed data can be configured in ways that work best for you.

SkyView SE: Dynon's solution for customers of VFR aircraft that seek flight and engine instruments with the simplest and most intuitive contols possible. SkyView SE does not have mapping or synthetic vision capabilities, but still offers Transponder, Autopilot, ADS-B Out, and other features. SkyView SE is the successor to Dynon's best-selling D100 series products.

Languages: German and French language packs are free downloads that transform SkyView’s on-screen interface to allow for wider use around the world.

Synthetic Vision: Synthetic Vision is a key feature found standard on the most advanced EFIS systems on the market today, but not all Synthetic Vision Systems are created the same. With 3 arc second terrain resolution, SkyView’s Synthetic Vision contains as much as 10 times the resolution as the competition. Read more on Why Resolution Matters for Synthetic Vision for a comprehensive look into this feature.

Map Data: SkyView Displays ship with high resolution terrain and cultural base map data for North America pre-installed. This includes towns, cities, roads, lakes, rivers, and railroads. Other regions of the world can be downloaded from our Worldwide Terrain Data page.  

Aviation Data: Aviation and obstacle databases are available for most places in the world. US FAA data is available free from Dynon, while Non-US navigation and obstacle databases can be purchased from Jeppesen or PocketFMS. See Update Video

Charts and Airport Diagrams (US and Europe): Dynon worked hard to give you a robust and affordable solution for charts all over the world. SkyView’s new charting capabilities allow pilots to quickly find and display the procedures they need during flight, all while showing the aircraft’s position and track right on the chart itself. With the touch of a button, SkyView automatically loads the available airport diagram while on the ground. 

For the US, through a unique Dynon-subsidized program with Seattle Avionics, Dynon is able to offer all available FAA, airport diagrams, and thousands of Flight Guide airport diagrams at an unprecedented price of $99 per year. There are no hidden costs and no separate VFR and IFR packages.

For Europe, in addition to VFR and IFR procedure charts and airport diagrams, European chart subscriptions include the visual approach, landing, and area charts that European pilots need to navigate effectively near airports.

With geo-referenced charts and airport diagrams, Dynon is able to offer experimental and LSA pilots a “paperless” cockpit! Requires SkyView version 7.1 or higher which is available, as a FREE upgrade for existing SkyView customers.

Seamless Flight Planning through ForeFlight Mobile via Wi-Fi: Plan your flights at home using ForeFlight Mobile’s comprehensive flight planning features. Once at the airplane, save time by sending the planned route to your SkyView system via W-Fi. Flight plans sent from ForeFlight can be edited on SkyView and flown by the SkyView Autopilot. You can transfer updated flight plans between the devices at any time.

SkyView Network: SkyView system displays and most modules (including ADAHRS, EMS, and ARINC modules, as well as Autopilot servos and the SkyView COM Radio) are connected by SkyView Network. With two independent power and data buses, SkyView Network has redundancy which allows SkyView to notify the pilot when wiring faults are detected, while not diminishing the system’s capabilities.

Serial Device Connectivity: SkyView displays each contain ample (5) serial ports for connecting to devices like SkyView’s SV-GPS-250 GPS receiver, SV-XPNDR-26X transponder, SV-ADSB-470 traffic and weather receiver, along with other third-party devices pilots have such as portable GPS and traffic products. SkyView’s unique serial port architecture lets serial devices connect in parallel (both TX and RX lines) to multiple displays. This allows serial devices to continue to operate normally even when only one display is available.

Ethernet connection between displays allows single point aviation/obstacles database uploads and high speed data transfer between the displays.

Battery Backup:  An optional backup battery will provide over an hour of backup power to a single Display and connected SkyView Network Modules (Radio and Servos excepted). In multiple display systems, Pilots can equip just one display with a backup battery when weight or power budget is a concern, or, both displays can be equipped for maximum redundancy. SkyView regularly tests the condition of the SkyView backup battery for added protection.

ADAHRS Module:  The SV-ADAHRS-200 is a complete MEMS-based set of flight sensors. It provides attitude, air data (airspeed, altitude, VSI), stabilized magnetic heading, slip/skid ball (inclinometer), and turn rate. One or two additional SV-ADAHRS-201 Modules can be added to a SkyView System for redundancy. When multiple ADAHRS are installed, SkyView continuously cross-checks the flight instrument readings from all ADAHRS and annunciates when there is a discrepancy.

Remote Magnetometer Module:  In some aircraft, finding a suitable location for the ADAHRS is challenging due to competing location requirements for the air data, attitude, and magnetic heading sensors. To ease installation, Dynon now offers the SV-MAG-236, an optional remote magnetometer that lets customers install the magnetic sensors in an ideal location in the aircraft.

Engine Module:  For engine monitoring capabilities, the SV-EMS-220 can be mounted closer to the engine, allowing easier wire routing. Note: the SV-EMS-220 cannot be mounted on the engine side of the firewall. For fuel injected Rotax 912 iS engines, the SV-EMS-221 should be ordered instead of the SV-EMS-220.

ARINC 429 Module: The SV-ARINC-429 makes SkyView compatible with certified GPS receivers, integrating with such radios as the Garmin 430/530 and GTN series. This includes advanced features such as GPS steering under autopilot, CDI auto-scaling, and vertical guidance from WAAS-enabled GPS receivers. This Module also enables the reception of LOC/ILS/VOR radio information from the of 430/530/GTN family.

HSI: A standalone HSI costs thousands of dollars, but every SkyView includes one at no extra charge. Just add your favorite navigation source. SkyView can show vertical and lateral course guidance as well as bearing pointers.  SkyView integrates well with a wide variety of GPS navigators, NAV radios such as the  Garmin SL30, GNS, GTN, and GNC series, and SkyView’s own moving map. When multiple navigation sources are connected the pilot can cycle through them in flight with a single button press. 

COM Radio: An integrated COM Radio that will change the way you use an aircraft radio. By integrating with the SkyView navigation features, the SkyView COM Radio can tune frequencies by airport and station type - rather than by spinning in a number - at the touch of a button. You can also send frequencies to the standby directly from the SkyView map airport information pages. The SV-COM is designed to fit in even the smallest panels and match vertically or horizontally with your SkyView displays. The SV-COM features a remote Transceiver module and the panel mounted control panel is only 1.27” deep.

Intercom: The Dynon SV-INTERCOM-2S solves the problem of having to choose between an underfeatured intercom and an expensive audio panel. With ample inputs for EFIS systems, stereo music, and all the other technology in your panel, the SV-INTERCOM-2S has the features that your modern connected 2-place aircraft requires.

Transponders: An integrated Mode-S transponder saves panel space with control and annunciation appearing on the SkyView displays. The light weight transponder module can be mounted anywhere in the airplane that is convenient. SkyView transponders have TIS traffic receiving capability (US Only) and can be an ADS-B Out device. NOTE ON U.S. COMPLIANCE: Currently the FAA ADS-B requirements specify the higher power Class 1 transponder for ADS-B compliance on and after 2020. Therefore, for U.S. customers, we recommend only the Class 1 SV-XPNDR-261.

Traffic: SkyView displays traffic data from a variety of sources, displayed on both the moving map and synthetic vision using industry standard TCAS I symbology. Location, severity of threat, distance, vertical separation, and direction of motion are all displayed. ADS-B Traffic can be displayed when SkyView is connected with the SV-ADSB-470 Receiver and equipped with an ADS-B out device such as a Dynon SkyView transponder. TIS Traffic data can also be provided by the SkyView transponder in the US when near a TIS-equipped airport. Additionally, other serial devices like the Zaon XRX, Garrecht TRX-1500, Funkwerk TM250, and other devices that support generic FLARM and Garmin TIS protocols can be used. This allows SkyView’s traffic feature to be used anywhere in the world, and with many different technologies.

ADS-B Weather: When coupled with the SV-ADSB-470 UAT Band Traffic and Weather Receiver, SkyView's moving map can display weather and TFRs in addition to the terrain, airspace and base map / cultural data it already provides for US customers. SkyView will display weather both graphically and textually, and includes NEXRAD radar, METARs, and TAFS, all while remaining clear and easy to understand thanks to SkyView smart map layering system. Additionally, airport weather data can be selected based on nearest or by airport identifier. All information displayed is free, with no monthly subscriptions, based on the FAA’s ADS-B broadcast in the US.

Video Input: Video input capabilities are an important feature for many tail dragger and glider towing aircraft. The SkyView Video Input Adapter plugs into a SkyView USB port and allows you to display any S-Video or Composite video source on your SkyView display in full screen or half screen modes.

Integrated Autopilot: Add a pair of Dynon servos to your SkyView system to add a fully-featured autopilot for just $1,500! 

The SkyView Autopilot has selectable Simplified and Expert autopilot controls to suit every pilots flying needs. The new LEVEL button will immediately return the aircraft to straight and level flight and can be activated from the either SkyView’s menu or an external button.

For the IFR pilot, SkyView's Expert autopilot controls feature a Flight Director, VNAV, IAS Hold, mode sequencing, fully-coupled approaches, heading hold, altitude hold, control wheel steering and much more.

VFR pilots can cruise in comfort with new streamlined Simplified controls which activates the modes pilots use most with a single button press. Pilots can select: HSI+ALT for following navigation sources such as GPS flight plans, TRK+ALT for flying in the direction and at the altitude you choose or the 180 degree button for a quick turnaround.

SkyView GPS-2020 Receiver:  The SV-GPS-2020 GPS Receiver/Antenna lets new and existing SkyView series customers add a 2020-compliant GPS position source for ADS-B Out for only $590. As a drop-in replacement for the SV-GPS-250 receiver, owners of existing systems do not need to run any additional wires, coax, or install any new boxes in their aircraft. When combined with Dynon’s SV-XPNDR-261 Mode-S transponder, SkyView customers meet all the transponder and ADS-B Out requirements for $2790.

SkyView GPS-250 Receiver:  The SV-GPS-250 is a sensitive, 5Hz, WAAS enabled GPS receiver and antenna that provides position information for SkyView’s map, synthetic vision, and other uses. Because it connects to the SkyView display, it continues to provide position when the system is operating on the optional backup battery without loss of capability. Other NMEA compatible GPS receivers (such as external aviation portable navigators) may also be connected to the SkyView system for added GPS position redundancy.

SkyView SV-MAP-270: The GPS Navigation Software is integrated into the SkyView System, available for $500. The SV-MAP-270 is a software- only upgrade, and allows navigation functions such as a complete multi-leg flight planner, Direct-To capability, plus the ability to view and look-up valuable information such as airports, runways , navaids, obstacles, fixes,  COM / NAV frequencies, and much more when equipped with an aviation/obstacles databases. The GPS navigation capability can fully control the autopilot. Note that devices that display information on the map (such as ADS-B traffic and weather) can only be displayed when the SV-MAP-270 software has been purchased. Only one SV-MAP-270 purchase is required per airplane.

Free Trial: SkyView has a free 30 flight hour trial version of SV-MAP-270. (Note, even at the end of the 30 flight hours it will not shut off in flight, only after the next landing and restart.) Time on the ground learning the system does not count in the 30 hours; only flight hours count. To order the SV-MAP-270 Module click here:

Buy SkyView Map

USB Updates:  Convenient program and data updates via USB memory stick. See Update Video

SkyView SV-VPX-290: With the addition of this software license, SkyView will act as the user interface to the Vertical Power VP-X system. VP-X is a digital circuit breaker system that uses the SkyView display for annunciation. Dynon does not sell the VP-X; it is available from Vertical Power and dealers.

VP-X Buy Now

More Info

Designing Your SkyView System:  To help you decide what System components are required for your airplane, please see the Planning your SkyView System page and our Architecture Video. Additionally, see the SkyView SE page for information on configuring Dynon's latest version of SkyView for simple VFR aircraft.

Pricing and Ordering:  To review all of the components needed for your system, download the Pricing Worksheet. You may also download a complete Product Price List.

Download a copy of the SkyView panel planner card. This allows you to plan your panel with life-size images of the SkyView 10" and 7" display bezels (To print from the panel planner card, make sure you select Page Scaling: None to get actual size print outs). For actual dimensions of the displays, please see the links to the drawings above.)

Download a copy of the SkyView Installation Guide.

Upgrading from a D10/D100 series Dynon Product? 
Download a copy of our Conversion Guide for more information on how to connect your existing Dynon equipment, such as your engine sensors and harnesses, autopilot servos and pitot probe, to your new SkyView system. 

We also have a forum and a Frequently Asked Questions pages dedicated to the SkyView System. We encourage you to contribute to both!