Dynon SkyView Hands-On Transition Training

Class Description

We all recognize that transition training is important before hopping into a new airplane or airplane type. Whether in the clouds or in clear skies, flying a new plane is not the right time to be learning how to operate aircraft avionics and systems. To help you in your transition to new Dynon Avionics instruments we are offering an ongoing series of hands-on training. These are typically half-day courses, sitting in front of live SkyView equipment, and with in depth instruction on how to operate your avionics. Instructing these classes will be Kirk Kleinholz, CFII and Sales Manager for Dynon Avionics.

This class will introduce pilots to most ground and in-flight operational features of the Dynon Avionics SkyView system.  In-depth discussion of installation and initial configuration of the system is not an objective of this class, though some of those concepts will be addressed where relevant.  

An additional objective of this class is to educate pilots about the process of transitioning from analog instrumentation to glass panel systems in a small GA aircraft. Including the cognitive differences of analog and digital/electronic instrumentation, cockpit resource management, etc. 

Online Video Training Classes 

For training at home, we recorded one of our interactive classes at our factory. The full series of 6 videos - with over 4 hours of video traning content - can be streamed from
The Dynon Channel.

These comprehensive videos feature hours of classroom content and the same material as our in person, hands-on training. 

Part 1:
Button Pushing and Knob Twisting

Part 2:
Menus, Feature Overview, and Buttons

Part 3:
Moving Map Basics

Part 4:
Start-up & Taxi / Primary Flight

Part 5:
Autopilot Basics

Part 6:
Flight Planning and Additional Features

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Schedule for 2015

We are still developing a schedule for classes at our Woodinville, WA headquarters in the fall/winter of 2015. We won't be offering classes at Airventure this year, but we will be offering some hands-on installation and configuration guidance in a new outdoor tent adjacent to our booth exhibit in Building D. We are also working on other training options including additional short videos on individual SkyView features.

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SkyView Training class at Oshkosh 2012