Builder Head Start

While many of our customers buy all their avionics at once just as they start working on the panel, some prefer to get a head start in some areas by purchasing some accessories and options in advance of the acutal instrument(s).

Dynon's Builder Support

Dynon's Builder Head Start

Some reasons to consider getting a head start on your Dynon Avionics installation include:
  1. Easier installation while the project is more open, affording convenient access
  2. You can hold off purchase of the larger budget instruments
Dynon allows you to purchase accessories and options to get a head start on installation. Examples of items that may be purchased early, without making the purchase of the full system, include:
  • Wiring harnesses
  • Engine sensors
  • Remote compasses
  • OAT probes
  • D100 series mounting trays
  • D10 series flush mounting brackets
  • AOA/Pitot Probe
  • Encoder Converter Module
There is no penalty for buying anything ahead of time. Except for the additional shipping charges for multiple shipments, your order will end up costing exactly the same when your system is complete.

A full list of orderable items can be found on our downloadable price list and order form.