The following installation and user guides may refer to firmware newer than version installed on your product. Ensure that all your Dynon products are running the latest versions. To view the .pdf documents linked to below, ensure that you have installed the free Adobe Reader.

AOA / Pitot

Dynon AOA/Pitot Probes

Updated Guide Name Description Action
9/12/16 Heated and Unheated AOA/Pitot Probe Installation Guide Also includes documentation for Dynon Pitot Mount and Pitot/Static/AOA Pneumatic Installation Kit. Note that heated/AOA Pitot Probes purchased before October 2014 are eligible for replacement. See the Technical Service Bulletin for details. DOWNLOAD
10/23/15 AOA, Pitot, Static Plumbing Kit Installation Guide This installation guide is meant to make the task of plumbing this kit in your aircraft as easy and understandable as possible. DOWNLOAD

AFS AOA Pro/Sport

Updated Guide Name Description Action
01/01/04 AFS AOA Pro/Sport - Installation & Operation Manual AFS AOA Pro/Sport Operating and Installation Manual v4.
Specific Application Data, AOA Service Instructions
04/25/04 AFS - AOA Chip Remove/Replace Upgrading AOA Software or Calibration Chips DOWNLOAD
04/25/04 AFS - AOA RS-232 Instructions AOA RS-232 Instructions DOWNLOAD
04/01/03 AFS - AOA Wand replacement - Early Model Modification to Eliminate the Calibration Wand DOWNLOAD

Two-Place Stereo Intercom

Two-Place Stereo Intercom

Updated Description Action
09/27/21 SV-INTERCOM-2S Installation and Pilot's User Guide DOWNLOAD


Updated Description Action
08/30/17 SV-HARNESS-INT Harness Guide DOWNLOAD

Accessories and Small Parts

Updated Description Action
07/08/2020 Servo Shear Screw Replacement Kit - Installation Guide DOWNLOAD
11/30/15 SV-LEVEL-BUTTON Installation Guide DOWNLOAD
12/02/15 Wire Harness for SV-XPNDR-26X - Connection Guide DOWNLOAD