US Aviation / Obstacles

Data for US customers is provided by Dynon Avionics for no fee. The following is released on the FAA standard 28 day cycle. This is the most comprehensive data available for the US, including smaller airports and AFD remarks not available in other databases. And it's free!

Note: If you are running SkyView version 14.0-14.2.1, you should restart each display after updating your SkyView databases to ensure proper operation.

Current Data
SkyView 7.0 and higher US Aviation Database: Valid: December 6 - January 2
(Cycle: 1813)

US Obstacle Database: Valid: November 8 - January 2
(Cycle: 1806)

Worldwide customers can purchase data directly from Jeppesen or PocketFMS. See our Non-US Data for customers not in the US.