Dynon Aviation Data Advisory: KOAK (Oakland) Class C Airspace

Date: April 23, 2012

Pilots Affected:

This Aviation Data Advisory only applies to SkyView-equipped aircraft that use the free Dynon-provided Aviation Data in or around the KOAK (Oakland International) class C airspace.

Aviation Data Affected:

Issue is known to be present in the 5 April 2012 - 1 May 2012 cycle of FAA/AeroNav aviation data (free US-only data) available from the Dynon Database Downloads Page.

This issue is likely to be present in earlier data cycles. Dynon does not know if or when AeroNAV/FAA will correct the issue in future data cycles.

Dynon Avionics has notified the FAA/AeroNav of the error in this data.

Description of Problem:

The Class C airspace altitudes for KOAK (Oakland International) are incorrect.

The paper sectional for this area depicts the ceilings for KOAK's class C airspace with a ceiling of "T" instead of a numerical altitude as is usually the case. A ceiling of "T" means that the class C airspace ends at the floor of the airspace immediately above it. In this case, this means that KOAK's class C ceiling is at SFO's class B floor in places. Since SFO's class B and KOAK's class C airspace are not perfectly aligned, KOAK class C has a variable ceiling.

The FAA/AeroNav data that is available on SkyView contains numerical values for the KOAK airspace ceilings that are not "cut up" into enough areas to accurately represent the variable ceiling of the KOAK class C airspace. Therefore, the FAA/AeroNav data that is distributed by Dynon can mislead the pilot into believing that the aircraft is not in class C or class B airspace when, in fact, the pilot remains in KOAK's class C airspace.

Dynon recommends that pilots use supplemental navigation data when transiting the KOAK airspace area.