Technical Service Bulletin - Software: ADS-B TFR Selection Bug in SkyView 7.0

Date: October 29, 2013



A software bug in version 7.0.0 software can cause a SkyView Display to stop responding when an ADS-B-based TFR is selected using the map pointer in extremely rare cases. To encounter this bug, all of the following must be true:

- You must have a SkyView System with software version 7.0.0 loaded.
- Your SkyView system must be equipped with an SV-ADSB-470.
- You must have turned the MAP MENU > MAP ITEMS > AIRSPACE ALTITUDES to ON, which is not its default setting in version 7.0.
- The textual airspace altitude of the TFR must be automatically decluttered (not currently being shown) because at the current range/zoom level of the map, it will not fit within the TFR airspace on the display.
- You must be selecting (highlighting) a TFR on the SkyView map page with the Map Pointer.

If you have more than one display in the aircraft, only the display that you are using to point at a TFR will stop responding. All other displays in the aircraft will continue to work normally.

Additionally, should this bug be encountered in-flight, the documented method of pressing buttons 1,2 and 5 simultaneously on the SkyView display will restart the affected display.

Applicability and Affected Equipment

Only US-based SkyView D1000 and D700 displays running EXACTLY version 7.0.0 software are affected. Further, only US-based aircraft that can receive TFRs via the SV-ADSB-470 ADS-B receiver are affected.

If you do not have an SV-ADSB-470 installed, this service bulletin does not apply to you. You do not need to take any further action.

If you do have an SV-ADSB-470 installed, use the following process to determine which version of software is on a display. If you have multiple SkyView displays in your aircraft, each should be checked for applicability individually:

  1. Turn on the SkyView display.
  2. Open the SETUP MENU by pressing and holding buttons seven and eight.
  3. Open the LOCAL DISPLAY SETUP page.
  5. Check the number under FIRMWARE VERSION.

If the FIRMWARE VERSION listed is, your display is affected by this service bulletin.

If the FIRMWARE VERSION listed is ANY other than the one specified above, this bulletin does not apply to you. You do not need to take any further action.

Method of Compliance

If this service bulletin is applicable to you, your system software should be updated to version 7.0.1 or later. Go to SkyView Software, download the latest software update available for you system. Update the software on the affected display(s) according to the Firmware Updates and File Operations section of the SkyView System Installation Guide available at SkyView Documentation.

Time in Effect and Warranty Adjustment

This technical service bulletin is in effect indefinitely.

Although complying with this bulletin is very highly recommended, it is not mandatory. Non-compliance with this bulletin need not ground your aircraft.

There are no warranty adjustments with this Technical Service Bulletin.

Costs to the Customer

Not applicable

Notice to Special Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSA) and Other Non-experimental Customers

You are solely responsible for ensuring that your aircraft is airworthy. In the case of S-LSA aircraft, owners may need special authorization to remove, replace, or update the firmware on a SkyView display(s) if such operations are not permitted in the maintenance manual. Please refer to your aircraft maintenance manual or contact your aircraft manufacturer concerning removing, replacing or updating firmware on your SkyView display(s).

Additional Questions?

Contact Dynon Avionics Technical Support via phone (425-402-0433) or email