Uploading diagnostic datalogs to Dynon Avionics

Please only use this form if we have specifically asked you for data. If we have asked you for a diagnostic log, please follow the following instructions:

  1. Note that this process takes several minutes to export data. This procedure should be performed on the ground after landing.
  2. The highest fidelity datalog captures approximately one hour of historical data. This means that the diagnostics data log should ideally be taken WITHIN APPROXIMATELY ONE HOUR of the event that you are trying to capture. If SkyView has been powered up for more than approximately one hour since the event you are trying to demonstrate, it may have overwritten by more recent data. Additional, but less detailed logs are stored for hours beyond this one hour period: Dynon Support staff can be helpful in helping you determine whether capturing data within the one hour timeframe is important for troubleshooting your particular problem.
  3. Insert a USB flash drive with at least 500Mb free.
  4. Press buttons 7/8 to enter the SETUP MENU.
  5. Go to SETUP MENU > SYSTEM SOFTWARE > EXPORT DYNON DIAGNOSTIC FILE > (right click) > (fill out the information requested) > EXPORT (button).
  6. A Diagnostic file will be saved to the USB flash drive.
  7. If you're familiar with how to zip files, please zip the resulting exported file.
  8. Use the tool on this page to upload the diagnostics log. Please include the Zendesk ticket number or relevant Dynon forum thread so that we know how to match your log with your issue.